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The Culinary Arts of the Great Chefs 2019

The Culinary Arts of the Great Chefs 2019

Second edition of this documentary series in which great chefs of Spanish cuisine analyse aspects of gastronomy from a research perspective. What they do when they don’t cook, when they stop, when they reflect. Only when we stop and switch off our senses are we able to be conscious enough to know what we want. Eneko Atxa, from Azurmendi (*** Michelin) stops to innovate; Nacho Manzano, from Casa Marcial (**) stops to discover; Paco Morales, from the restaurant Noor (*) slows down to come back and Lucía Freitas, from A Tafona (*) grows when she stops.


Directed by: Iñaki Antuñano
Produced by: Ferran Toledo
Image by: Fran Tormo & Iñaki Antuñano
Direct Sound: Arena & Extrasonora
Edited by: Iñaki Antuñano
Coloured by: Carlos Corresa
Music: Vincent Barrière
Agency: La Agencia de publicidad que tiene por nombre Kitchen