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We visited the kitchens of these four chefs in Bilbao, Arriondas, Santiago de Compostela and Córdoba to test their routines when they stop to research. How moments of calmness impact the way they cook. They talk about the connection between their cuisine and the philosophy of Cervezas Alhambra. They go on about tradition, tranquility, the origins, and handcrafted work but always with a view to evolve and innovate.



Directed by: Iñaki Antuñano
Produced by: Ferran Toledo
Image by: Fran Tormo & Iñaki Antuñano
Direct Sound: Arena & Extrasonora
Edited by: Iñaki Antuñano
Coloured by: Carlos Corresa
Music: Vincent Barrière
Agency: La Agencia de publicidad que tiene por nombre Kitchen