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Jägermusic Live Tracks

Jägermusic Live Tracks is a series of 12 live music videos filmed in 2016 during the following festivals: SOS 4.8 Festival, Festival de les Arts, Vida Fest and Low Festival. A musical adventure about 12 Jägermusic bands, the music programme by Jägermeister Spain. Emerging talent such as King Cayman, My Expansive Awareness, Baywaves, Nightcrawler, Terrier, Trepàt, Disco Las Palmeras!, The Suicide of Western Culture, Ocellot, Los Bengala, Sen Senra and Juventud Juché.


Directed by: Iñaki Antuñano
Produced by: Ferran Toledo
D.O.P: Fran Tormo
Sound: Mario Pozas
A Kill the TV production for Jägermeister Spain