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Jägermusic Festival Tour

Jägermusic Festival Tour is a music trip, filmed in 2015, passing through various music festivals. Seven episodes which correspond to the SOS 4.8 Festival, Vida Festival, Deleste Festival, Resurrection Fest, Monkey Week, Bilbao BBK Live, and Low Festival. It tells the story of 17 emerging bands both backstage and on stage: Hölograma, Juventud Juché, Jardin de la Croix, Jupiter Lion, Los Mambo Jambo, Los Tiki Phantoms, Siesta!, Der Panther, Músculo!, Ocellot, Olde Gods, Terrier, The Zephyr Bones, Trajano!, The Suicide of Western Culture, Disco Las Palmeras! and The Parrots.


Directed by: Iñaki Antuñano
Produced by: Ferran Toledo
A Kill the TV production for Jägermeister Spain

SOS 4.8

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The first episode of the Jägermusic Festival Tour series which narrates the unforeseen events of the groups Jupiter Lion,...