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Promos Eventos Cervezas Ámbar

Promos Eventos Cervezas Ámbar are four audio-visual pieces which act as video-flyers. Theatre promos which are carried out in the Centro Cultural Espai Rambleta in Valencia, sponsored by Cervezas Ámbar. Far West by Yllana Teatro, Cube by Kulbik Dance Company, La Llamada by Javier Ambrosi and Javier Calvo and La Rendición by Sigfrid Monleón.


Directed by: Iñaki Antuñano
Produced by: Ferran Toledo
A Kill the TV production for Cervezas Ámbar y Espai Rambleta

La Llamada

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Video-flyer for the theatre production La Llamada by Javier Ambrosi and Javier Calvo with Macarena García in Espai Rambleta...

Far West

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A video-flyer for Far West, a theatre production by the Madrid company Yllana, one of the world references of...